Voicing the Air is an online Assembly to explain the complexity of the climate crisis through Human and More Than Human perspectives.

We start with what you want to achieve with your life. Then we draft a business plan of your financial future that align with your core values, your specific aims and your deepest desires. We help you achieve growth, while providing thorough advice that you can trust.

Planning a personal budget or personal capital investments can be challenging. This is when our team steps in and advises you on the best next steps and options.
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Companies turn to us when their fiscal management suffers any kinds of setbacks. We will make sure that no trouble will be left unfixed.
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Investing is a risky business, where previous successful decisions and tricks might not work for the 2nd time in a row. We will advise you on each specific issue.
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About Us

Financex is your think tank for everything investment or fiscal related.

We’ve been managing big budgets and capital investments for the last 10 years and we know what works and what doesn’t. More than a 100 companies with a total market value of $500+ billion used our fiscal tips to a degree of good ROI and diligent business strategy and spending fixes. Put your trust in our advices and your business will flourish and grow!

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We put a lot of effort inn building up our image and earn the trust for our decisions. That’s why we closely watch even the smallest advice that we give out…


Our clients are our biggest asset. That’s why we try to deliver the most precise and successful solutions to their problems…
Hear them saying about their experience with us:

Taylor Valedictorian

My and my friend’s “garage investment fund” skyrocketed so quickly, that we urgently required a financial advisor not to plummet just as fast. Financex guys were just that. An experienced, seasoned team of pros who know what to do and what to skip. Thanks to their services in part we…

Rose Stewart

When I and my husband felt that the company began to spiral out of our control and the sales plunged, we had to hire a financial advisor. It’s their fiscal due diligence and reserved advice that kept us afloat. Even more than that, we strived and we heightened our market value this year!

Garrett Benson

Our corporation is based across 20 countries and operates within 100 more. But when crisis hit us recently, we’ve had a lack of fresh ideas on how to manage it out. That’s when Financex’s 2nd opinion helped us. Their fiscal and market experts bailed us out from that downfall, advice-wise.…

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