About Voicing The Air

How it began

The Assembly was born in Aberystwyth during a refreshing residency with the geography department of the university in 2019. 

Several of the interviews there feature in the game, including several Welsh farmers, future climate refugees, poets, scientists, students, a museum curator, and staff from the EDF Renewables energy company. 

The Assembly was originally intended to be face to face but migrated online at the start of the Covid pandemic.

Who's involved?

Voicing the Air is created by the collective JUST DUST, an intergenerational, multidisciplinary collective of Franco-Anglo-Welsh artists, designers, game inventors, facilitators, farmers, geographers, scientists, engineers and poets.

Main co-creators in Voicing the Air

MARIE-PIERRE LEROUX works in rural settings. She holds an MA in fine arts. Voicing the Air follows Voicing the River Wye and Voicing the Soil. She uses science, poetry and real people’s words to tell stories.


PERRY WALKER has been designing group discussions on complex issues for 20 years. He ran the democracy programme at the New Economics Foundation (NEF, London). For the Assembly, he is responsible for the format, is the lead facilitator and trains new facilitators.


FINN STRIVENS is a multidisciplinary designer working between science and design. He collaborates with Nesta and grassroots democracy practitioners. He holds a MA/Msc Global Innovation Design at Royal College of Art and Imperial College London.  https://finnstrivens.design/